Fantasy Overwatch

Contest Event Format Entries Start Time

Play weekly fantasy contests

Create a 7-man lineup for a week of matches and try to come out on top against hundreds of other participants. You can choose every player of the event, with only two restrictions:
  • Choose no more than 3 players from the same team
  • Have at least 2 Supports, 1 Tank and 2 DPS players


The new standard scoring format "Weekly OW2" rewards points as follows:
  • +2 per Kill
  • -1 per Death
  • +1 per Assist
  • +3 per First Kill in Fight
  • -2 per First Death in Fight

Play in a Fantasy League

Create your own fantasy Overwatch league! Invite your friends or play against random other people. Components of a fantasy league are:
  • A Draft before the league starts
  • Draft of public leagues starts automatically once the league is full
  • Each player can only be drafted once, the draft order is random
  • Each participant drafts a 8-man roster (3 Spt, 2 Tanks, 3 DPS players)
  • Each week you play against a different league member
  • Select 5 players from your 8-man roster to play for you during that week (2Spt, 1Tank, 2Offense player)
  • Those 5 players score points depending on their performances, your benched players won't contribute to your teams' points
  • The team that scored the most points wins the match
Create your OWL Fantasy League now and crush your friends!


You have more than 10 friends, a league isn't enough? Create a group for a single week or for a whole event!

Simply click on a row of a week in the left table and then click "Create Private Group". All groups can also be found by clicking on a row of a contest and scrolling down.


Glory shall be yours!
  • You can make predictions until games goes live
  • Estimate how likely it is that a team wins their match
  • Give predictions in percentages between 1% and 99%