Players score points depending on their performance in the actual matches. Archived scoring from 2019


To change your default avatar go to Gravatar and use the same email you used for your Winston's Lab account. You can upload custom logos for your fantasy league teams.


You have more than 10 friends, a league isn't enough? Create a group for a single week or for a whole event!

Simply click on a weekly and click "Create Private Group". All groups can also be found by clicking on a row of a contest in the table on the fantasy landing page and scrolling down in the extra window that opens.


For every game, put in the probability of victory for each team. REMEMBER WHAT A PROBABILITY IS! 90% means you think a team will only lose one in ten games. That means the favorite could play an entire stage while dropping a single match if all matches were of this probability.

You are scored based on the average likelihood of your games. So if you think every team that wins only had a 20% of winning, then that makes what observed very unlikely. While that may be true, it also makes it more likely that you were wrong in your probabilities. In the long run, bad luck is no excuse and the best predictor will win! It's a long season and those who impress will be hailed as true analysts of the professional scene!

Weekly Fantasy Contests

Create a 10-man lineup for a week of matches. You can choose any player playing in that event with only 2 restrictions: The weekly fantasy contests are open for everybody, so you will compete against hundreds of other players. Compete in as many weeklies as possible to place high on the seasonal/stagely leaderboard. If you place high enough on the leaderboard for Overwatch League for a single stage great prizes await you!

Fantasy Leagues

Create your own Fantasy Overwatch League, invite your friends or play against complete strangers. Fantasy leagues have a maximum number of participants, because each player can only be drafted once (For example OWL fantasy leagues can have no more than 10 participants).
Fantasy leagues differ immensely from weekly contests:

If you have any other questions, feel free to send us an email at fantasy@winstonslab.com