Winston's Lab Overwatch Player Ranking - Symmetra

Winston's Lab Overwatch Player Ranking

Single Event Ranking:
LIP Time: 00:17:15 SOS Rank: 2 Fight Winrate: 50%
Ezhan Time: 00:33:14 SOS Rank: 4 Fight Winrate: 65.22%
Hydron Time: 01:07:27 SOS Rank: 7 Fight Winrate: 46.67%
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MN3 Time: 00:21:46 SOS Rank: 1 Fight Winrate: 37.93%
The Player Rankings are created by calculating a players' Rating and slightly adjusting? it by his Strength of Schedule (SOS) and Fight Winrate (FWin%).
The numbers used for this ranking are from the last 3 months only!
To be eligible to be displayed on this list a player has to have...
  • At least 3 hours of playtime for the 'All Heroes' ranking (1 hour at start of season)
  • At least 5 minutes and at least 20% of the time of the person that has the most playtime on this hero, for a single hero ranking
  • A rating of no less than 50
The 'All Heroes' ranking shows a maximum of 75, the single hero rankings a maximum of 15 players.
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